I grew up in Montana.

In the summer of 1992 I went to a little school called the Rocky Mountain School of Photography.  This is where I first really learned how to use a camera.  I had no idea at that point if a camera would have anything to do with my future or career.  In December of that same year I answered and ad in the Bozeman newspaper to be a Santa photographer at the local mall.  I can't even convey how much I hated to make that call.   Luck would have it that the guy hiring for the Santa photo job was actually one of the main commercial photographers in town.  He just happened to be looking for an assistant in his studio.  2 days after that phone call my career path as a professional photographer began.  27 years later the camera has taken me all over the world on commercial, editorial and personal projects.  It's hard to believe it's even real.  At this point I can imagine no other way of being besides framing and creating images.  To say I feel fortunate is a great understatement.  

When I'm not shooting I love to sculpt dirt piles to ride bikes on, a very refined version of what I did when I was 10 years old.

Life and work are good.

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